• Wash & Go with Night Routine by Cool Calm Curly

    Wash & Go with Night Routine by Cool Calm Curly...check her out on youtube Watch Video Now
  • Black Hair, Media & America: A twisted history

    “Don’t touch my hair!”

    This strong sentiment has been widely-adopted as the fervent battle cry of the 21st-century Natural Hair Movement.

    And it makes sense.

    Because in actuality, "Don't touch my hair" has long been the heartfelt inner-feelings of the entire African-American community, men, women, and children since the days of early American enslavement.

  • What is the Role of Haitian Diaspora in Development?

    What is the role of Haitian diaspora in development? Bertrhude and Priscilla share their thoughts on the importance of Haitian Americans in Haiti's development.


    To join us in empowering Haitian educators by becoming a P4H advocate, visit

  • The African Diaspora-What is it?

    The African diaspora has a population of 140 million while Africa has a population of 1.2 billion. The most populated countries in the African diaspora include Brazil, Colombia, America, Dominican Republic, and Haiti. There is a connection among the descendants of slaves in the African Diaspora as their ancestors came from similar areas in Africa and survived a similar fate; slavery and colonization. Essentially they were taken to different countries around the world, disconnected from one another and their homelands.

  • From Maxwell To Cardi B, These Afro-Latinos Are A Driving Force In The Music Industry Today

    Afro-Latinos (Latinos of African descent) are often some of the most marginalized and underrepresented when it comes to mainstream media. While artists like Celia Cruz is one of the most notable Afro-Latino artists, there is way people that need to be recognized for their impact.

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